Geoffrey Morrison
4 minute read
27 Sep 2019
1:26 pm

10 hotel tips no one taught you

Geoffrey Morrison

Yes, you can take the little shampoo bottles. No, you can’t take the robe.

Picture: iStock

I’ve lost count how many hotels I’ve stayed in. Hundreds, for sure, and on every continent except Antarctica. From beach-side resorts in St Kitts to a grand, soaring high-rise in Tokyo, to a castle-adjacent treehouse on the north coast of Scotland, I’ve stayed in some truly lovely places. I’ve also stayed at dilapidated dives in Vegas with rusty taps and rugs so thin you could see the concrete underneath. The memory of the latter still makes me itch. Over the years I’ve come up with a set of tips and tricks I use in every hotel, from five-star to wear-your-shoes-in-the-bathroom-star....