Jim Freeman
3 minute read
24 Nov 2019
1:31 pm

Off the beaten track restaurants in Western Cape

Jim Freeman

Franschhoek is SA’s culinary capital and you could eat out in style three times a day for a month without touching bases twice.

Haute Cabrière Restaurant in Franschhoek.

Spontaneity, in Cape Town, is something you plan long in advance ... which drives me spare about the otherwise magical town in which I’ve spent more than half my 60 years. Unfortunately, spontaneity decay also afflicts non-Capetonians (those who didn’t go to Bishops or haven’t lived in the Mother City for seven generations). It’s a terrible thing to see newbies steadily succumb to the malaise. The Western Cape aversion to surprises – residents get panicky if they experience fewer than three seasons in a single day and subscribe immediately to ridiculous conspiracy theories – manifests itself in unexpected ways. Weirdest...