Thami Kwazi
Lifestyle Print Editor
3 minute read
2 Feb 2020
8:34 am

Cash in on post-holiday local flight bargains

Thami Kwazi

Hotels rates are also lower. Beaches are less crowded, malls aren’t busy and because everyone is either at work or focusing on enrolling for studies, it’s the perfect time to do a large amount of sightseeing.

AFP/File/ludovic MARIN

Burnout is a reality for many South Africans. Working in spaces where you can take a break is a myth, especially if you are required to work over the festive season. When the feeling of being overwhelmed kicks in, it’s time to take a break. Let’s get real, things are tough, social media posts about exotic destinations and colourful holidays are a fable. So, what is real? Currently, a trip to anywhere in the country is going for a steal. Now is the time to travel. Last week a friend called me in excitement to tell me she managed to...