Jim Freeman
4 minute read
2 Aug 2020
6:15 am

Fireside tales: Learning to trust a mate

Jim Freeman

Such are the stories 'real' men tell around the fire when the braai is done, the brandy has come out and only the little flickering flames skitter in between the coals.

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I have great respect for women – think of the legendary Ginger Rogers’ riposte to someone who praised her on-screen dancing partner Fred Astaire, saying she did everything Fred did but backwards and in high heels – but I take my hat off to those who can share a small tent with a man. I’ve had to do it on occasion … and the noise and smell was horrific. Many years ago, I was camping out on Namibia’s Skeleton Coast with an American diplomat when a jackal approached our oversized bivvy. Mike swore it was because the scavenger smelled the...