Jim Freeman
6 minute read
13 Aug 2021
11:00 am

Stellenbosch: Wine route contributed a staggering R7.2 Billion to SA’s 2019 GDP

Jim Freeman

Stellenbosch – particularly the town centre and rural environs – has retained a great deal of its 18th century charm.

Stellenbosch wine farm. Picture: Jim Freeman

Everywhere you go in Stellenbosch, it’s obvious the town’s economy relies hugely on wine, tourism, and education. And, from what I’ve noticed over many years of observation, Stellenbosch University students play a laudable role in supporting the two other economic sectors. Given that both Blaauwklippen and Rustenberg claim to have planted their first vines in the area in 1682, you’d be forgiven for thinking tourists have been visiting the winelands for almost as long as they’ve been traipsing up Table Mountain. Eerste River. Picture: Jim Freeman You’d be wrong. Wine tourism in South Africa began only in 1971. Thanks to...