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Here are the five best wines under R150

Finding the best wines under R150 can be tricky but wineries are making an effort lately and these five wines will please the palate.

Unwinding from a stressful week or just wanting a good glass of wine to celebrate triumphs is a vibe. However, finding the best wines under R150 can be tricky.

Affordable or “cheap” wines have previously been criticised for the lack of quality and taste but wineries are now making more of an effort to deliver the highest quality to consumers without breaking the budget.

Here are the best wines under R150

Durbanville Hills Light Chenin Blanc

Following the global trend, Durbanville Hills has a new light range that is lower in alcohol and calories. The Durbanville Hills Light Chenin Blanc and Shiraz wines come in at 9% alcohol and around 30% lower in calories.

The Chenin Blanc is a vibrant, light-clear colour with olive green edges. Quite a fruity blend with pear, lime, pineapple, pawpaw and floral notes giving it a refreshing, crisp taste.

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Martin Moore, Durbanville Hills’ Cellar Master, says they decided to create a light range that doesn’t compromise on taste or quality.

“We certainly didn’t want to release a wine that would be reviewed as ‘fair or passable’.

Durbanville light Chenin blanc. Picture: Supplied

“So we took our time in investigating all the options, including experimenting with the various methods of dealcoholisation.”

The light edition has definitely ticked the boxes in the best wines under the R150 range.

Price: Durbanville Hills Light range is available nationwide and retail stores from R79.99. Click here to purchase.

Spider Pig BRO/ZAY Rosé

Owners Dave Wibberley and Dave Nel are obsessed with The Simpsons, making the Spider Pig brand an Instagram hit.

Fun names such as Bro/Zay rosé, celebrates bromances, according to their website. The crisp pink wine is light, fresh and great for the warmer weather ahead.

If you are willing to spend close to the budget, the rosé is under R150.

Price: R115. Purchase on Spider Pig website by clicking here.

Bouchard Finlayson Blanc de Mer 2019

An unusual blend from the Cape, the name Blanc de Mer translates to “White of the Sea’” The white wine is inspired by the coastal town of Hermanus, close to where the Bouchard Finlayson estate is located.

With notes of grape, lime and peach, the Blanc de Mer is perfect for date night as the blend works well with white meats.

Bouchard Finlayson Blanc de Mer 2019. Picture: Instagram, @bouchardfinlayson

Price: Available on their website at R103.

Lozärn Chardonnay 2019

The chardonnay is a carménère, a grape with some mystic from Chile, and it’s surprisingly a vegan option. It is a balanced blend with zesty notes of citrus, apricot and butterscotch to balance the palate. 

Lozärn Wines also released a limited edition in tribute to one of their farmer’s Sebastian.

“A well-rounded wine with notes of stone fruit and a soft touch of creaminess. Matured in French oak for 13 months,” the Instagram post read.

The perception is that vegan wines are expensive and above R150 but this chardonnay it isn’t the case.

Price: R143 on the Lozärn website.

Robertsons Chapel Dry Red Wine

Robertson Winery is loved among wine lovers and the go-to choice for gifts and wine for guests locally.

Their dry red wine has been awarded the Double Gold Winner at the Ultra Value Wine Challenge 2020. For this, Robertson is well known for its value and affordability.

The Chapel Red Wine is a soft red with smooth round berry flavours, with herbaceous notes giving it a barky wood character.

Now in the category of best wines under R150, Robertson beats many competitors, as most of their wines are well under R150.

Price: From R44 at supermarkets such as Makro and liquor stores nationwide.

Compiled by Sandiswe Mbhele

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