Hein Kaiser
5 minute read
9 Sep 2021
11:29 am

Scottburgh Beach: A good time. No judgment. No Insta glitterati.

Hein Kaiser

Checking in was easy, friendly and within 20 minutes of arriving, mom, dad and family Kaiser were spread out on the Scottburgh beach.

Beach holiday. Picture: Hein Kaiser

"How was school today?” asks dad. “I learned things and we played with toys. Dad, are we going to the beach?” and later “I’m not hungry, but are we going to the beach?” It’s the verse of a three-year-old’s national anthem when, after a long dry desert of lockdown Gauteng sameness, a week’s anticipation is just too much. And the few extra grey hairs dad got as a courtesy of life’s most important question: “Are we going to the beach?” It was the tail end of every sentence, the beginning of a few and the last words before lights out....