Brendan Seery
Deputy Editor
7 minute read
25 Oct 2021
3:35 pm

A Holme away from home

Brendan Seery

This idyllic guest house is more than just a stopover, it's the perfect start (or end) to a holiday.

Pictures: Brendan Seery and supplied

As the deepening hues of blue descend earth-wards to crush the faint glow on the Karoo horizon that is the only remnant of the day, a flock of blue cranes drifts through the twilight, heading to their nightly roost somewhere in the reed-bedecked wetlands of the Seekoei River. Elswhere in the mirror-like waters of the river, its namesake, a hippo bull, is not, clearly, going to make an appearance for those of us enjoying sundowners on a wooden jetty. He should, because he is an historic animal, last survivor of a group reintroduced to this area of the northern Cape...