Who placed the rubbish bins?

Take a ride along Hans Strydom Street see all the concrete bins placed on the sidewalk weeks ago.

Brilliant idea but the questions asked are: who placed them there, was it the city council, was it private enterprise, what did they cost?
If they were placed by private enterprise, did they get permission from the council and is the council been paid for allowing them to be placed on the side-walk.

I ask these question because, some of the bins are full of rubbish, black bags full of rubbish lie next to the bins and no-one is cleaning out the bins or picking up the rubbish and we as citizens have to put up with this rubbish, excuse the pun. The side-walk looks terrible and the bins are now used as advertising boards. What is the council going to do about this?

If private enterprise placed the bins, then the council should see that they adhere to the contract or agreement. If the council placed them, then I can guess why they are not cleaned out and so can the reader.

Was placing the rubbish bins a good idea?
Was placing the rubbish bins a good idea?

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