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Consider the auction route

Buyers are more likely to find the car best suited to their needs, says PVA's Clive Lazarus.

South Africans typically flock to dealerships and private sellers when purchasing a new car.

However, auctions are an option that provides significant value that should not be overlooked.

That’s the word from Park Village Auctions’ (PVA) Clive Lazarus, who shares some key considerations for purchasing an auction vehicle.


“Affordability is at the top of everyone’s list whether buying new or second-hand,” says Lazarus.

“Auctions are an excellent way to snag great deals.”

Vehicles sold at auctions stem from various sources, such as bank repossessions and fleet reductions, and for this reason, are often newer models with maintenance plans intact.

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The competitive nature of auctions can see cars fetch much lower than dealer prices.

“This is particularly beneficial in the current market, where National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of SA has reported a decline in aggregate industry new passenger car sales,” he says.

Wide selection

Auctions also typically offer a wide selection of vehicles, from budget-friendly to luxury models.

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Buyers are more likely to find the car best suited to their needs and preferences at an auction, says Lazarus.

He cites PVA’s monthly online national vehicle auctions, which sell cars from across the country via a live webcast.


Auctions uphold a solid reputation for transparency, providing all vehicle information, sale terms and conditions, prices, VAT and commissions payable upfront.

Buyers know what they are in for before bidding.

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Speed and efficiency

Unlike the sometimes lengthy negotiation processes at dealerships, auctions move swiftly.

The auction process is quick and efficient – perfect for people who prefer a straightforward buying process.

Trusted by banks

Testimony to the advantages of buying and selling on auction lies in the number of major financial institutions that entrust their sales to PVA, says Lazarus.

The auction house is famed for regularly selling vehicles on behalf of Absa, BMW Finance and Standard Bank.

Lazarus invites those new to the auction process to attend the viewings of PVA’s upcoming vehicle auctions, saying: “Feel free to ask as many questions as you like.

Any auction house worth its salt should be happy to oblige.”

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When and where

PVA will host an Absa passenger and commercial vehicle auction as soon as Tuesday, 9 July, at 10am.

Viewing will open from 9am to 3pm on Friday, 5 July from the Absa Trade Centre located at 8 Top Road, Anderbolt, Boksburg.

For more information, visit web reference 1585 at www.parkvillageauctions.co.za

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