Mike Moon
Horse racing correspondent
2 minute read
3 Nov 2021
8:26 am

Ragnar Lothbrok threatens to put rivals to the sword at Kenilworth

Mike Moon

Named after the Viking hero whose bloody exploits are recorded in ancient sagas, Ragnar is an up-and-coming colt who races like his bloodthirsty namesake.

Travis Fimmel as Ragnar Lothbrok in the TV series Vikings. Now, a three-year-old colt will race the 1000mMaiden Race in Race 3 at Kenilworth. Picture: Supplied

Ragnar Lothbrok was a Viking hero whose bloody exploits are recorded in ancient sagas.

King of both Denmark and Sweden in the 9th century, he was father to unnumerable brats – including the likes of Ivar The Boneless, Bjorn Ironside and Sigurd Snake-In-The-Eye – most of whom turned out to be even worse human beings than him.

Ragnar died an agonised death in a snake pit, into which he’d been tossed by Aella, tribal chief of some northern Brits, as punishment for all the killing, rape and pillage he’d done in the neighbourhood.

This psycho’s hi-jinks are fondly remembered today in books, films, a very popular TV series, digital games and racehorses being named after him.

On Wednesday, the latest Ragnar Lothbrok trots out on the sward of Kenilworth, entirely innocent of his namesake’s mayhem. This Ragnar is an up-and-coming three-year-old colt trained by Piet Botha who runs in Race 3, a 1000m Maiden Plate, and is the best bet and exotics banker on the midweek card.

Ragnar Lothbrok the horse has competed three times, for fourth, third and second places. First place is the logical next step. Racing often treats logic with contempt, but in this case there is reason to think it might oblige – the form is good.

Ragnar Lothbrok raced to the lead in his last race – like a bloodthirsty Viking on the charge – but was overhauled in the closing stages by another promising-looking youngster. If one escapes beheading, one learns from defeat in battle.

That last effort was over 1400m and Botha has now dropped his charge down to 1000m. As a son of Vercingetorix, Ragnar Lothbrock will eventually perform well over longer distances, but sprints might be the right battleground for a young, impetuous youth right now.

Jockey Aldo Domeyer has the ride and there doesn’t appear to be anything in the field that he need worry about. No snake pits.


1: 4 Margin Call, 1 Perfect Trust, 3 Giverny, 5 Ntinga

2: 4 Millahue, 8 Spirit Of Silvano, 5 Navy Strength, 3 Global Ally

3: 2 Ragnar Lothbrok, 4 Boisterous Buddy, 1 Empire Glory, 3 Bluff On Bluff

4: 1 Kitty Cat Chat, 4 Different Face, 8 Sonic Burst, 3 Brianna

5: 1 Safe To Assume, 6 Europeana, 7 Ma Black, 9 Sunlit Path

6: 2 Do Angels Cry, 4 Helen’s Blush, 6 Song, 1 Fynbos

7: 4 Sacha, 3 Grey Princess, 2 Crimson Princess, 7 Magna Mater

8: 2 Dragonfly, 1 Fort Red, 4 Double Charge, 3 Paris Rix

Pick 6: 2 x 1,3,4,8 x 1,3,5,6,7,9 x 1,2,4,6 x 2,3,4 x 1,2,4,6,7,9 (R1728)PA: 4,5,8 x 2 x 1,4 x 1,6,7 x 2,4 x 3,4 x 1,2 (R72)