Rorisang Kgosana
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14 Sep 2020
4:49 pm

Tobacco companies slug it out

Rorisang Kgosana

The Fair-trade Independent Tobacco Association (Fita) has come out in defence of Gold Leaf Tobacco, and accused activists of turning a blind eye to the tax evasion of multinational tobacco companies, and attempting to deflect the attention.

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The Fair-trade Independent Tobacco Association (Fita) has slammed claims that their member Gold Leaf Tobacco Corporation (GLTC) was avoiding paying tax by selling their cigarettes at a cheaper rate online. GLTC, which manufactures cigarette brands such as Voyager, RG and Sharp, are now selling cartons of cigarettes online to their trade partners. The organisation has hit out at detractors, saying this move was simply a convenient way for small businesses to stock up and this could help smaller customers earn a living. According to Section 4(5) of the Tobacco Products Control Act, the sale or offer of sale of tobacco...