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11 May 2020
7:28 am

Tshwane businesses navigate working under Level 4 lockdown

News24 Wire

'Everyone is back to work, but it's not back to the way it was before lockdown,' Vos said.


Going into Level 4 of the lockdown, many companies have opened shop, albeit at a reduced capacity. But businesses, big and small, are still coming to terms with this new way of working.

News24 visited businesses in Tshwane that have started operating under the strict regulations of the Level 4 lockdown from 1 May.

These companies have had to traverse their new reality and the difficulties that come with re-opening their businesses and operating during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Andrew Cottrell, the sales and marketing director for Promac Paints, which is a decorative paint manufacturing and distributing company, spoke about the difficulties of operating at a reduced capacity, figuring out ways to get all employees to work on a rotational basis, and the delays caused by sanitisation protocols.

Cottrell said the company has had to adapt every day to the changes and challenges of doing business under the Level 4 lockdown, as well as figuring out the uncertainties of the regulations.

With all these difficulties, Cottrell maintains that they are grateful to have a form of employment and that they are united by the fact that they are not only ones negotiating unprecedented territory.

“What has united all of us is that we are not in this alone as a company. We are in this as a nation and basically as a planet,” Cottrell said.

Nji Nde, who runs a cash for scrap business in Mamelodi said times continue to be tough under Level 4, as most of his client base has not returned to work yet.

“We are really pushing, but it’s not going like before,” Nde said.

Nde has also had to adapt to the new challenges of sanitisation and the wearing of masks.

Willie Vos, who owns a small vehicle repair centre in Silverton, recognised that while he may operate during Level 4, business is not the same and the lockdown comes with its own challenges.

“Everyone is back to work, but it’s not back to the way it was before lockdown,” Vos said.

Vos has also had to cut salaries and have his employees work on rotational shifts during Level 4. He also noted that, while vehicles may need repairing, clients don’t have the money because they have also taken financial strain.

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