Ina Opperman
Business Journalist
5 minute read
28 Jul 2021
4:57 pm

Where are you, Pravin Gordhan, when Denel needs you?

Ina Opperman

A desperate Denel employee has written an open letter after employees did not receive any salaries for the second consecutive month.

"Where is Pravin Gordhan? Where are the political leaders with all their empty promises? Where are the trade unions? Are we, the Denel employees, also part of the South African democracy? Employees need answers urgently." This is the simple plea of a Denel employee who wrote an open letter on Monday to draw attention to the plight of Denel employees, who have now not been paid for second consecutive month. They have lost their houses, their cars and everything they have worked for. Their credit records are littered with missed payments. Their creditors do not want to hear stories of...