Ina Opperman
Business Journalist
5 minute read
28 Sep 2021
3:50 pm

SA consumers hungry for more credit, while delinquencies stabilise

Ina Opperman

Can consumers still afford credit? A new survey has given the answer.

Picture: iStock

Consumers are ready for more credit while delinquencies stabilise, according to a new survey. The overall number of credit consumers has remained flat but the total amount borrowed, measured by outstanding balances, continues to increase across major credit products. According to TransUnion’s South Africa Industry Insights Report for the second quarter of 2021, when unemployment was still rising but before July’s civil unrest and peak in the third wave of Covid-19, delinquencies also decreased with the exception of unsecured personal loans. “Consumer credit market conditions remain volatile and are an evolving picture. Any potential impact from the recent civil unrest...