KFC ‘making a plan’ to make more chicken available

KFC had earlier announced it would be limiting its menu and temporarily closing outlets.

Weeks after the popular chicken outlet KFC posted that it now had a limited menu as a result of the rolling blackouts, it announced that it will be finding innovative ways to continue serving South Africans with full menu options during power outages.

South Africans have come to rely on fast-food outlets to provide supper during these power outages, but with the Eskom pushing load shedding to higher stages, a number of outlets were struggling to keep the stoves on and the fridges running.

It was just after Christmas that KFC announced it was temporarily closing some of its restaurants and limiting the availability on a number of their customers’ favourite menu items.

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But now the outlet says it is looking at ways to work around load shedding and keeping its doors open to its regulars.

Innovative solutions

In a statement, the outlet said: “While load shedding has resulted in some minor disruptions to our supply chain, we are happy to confirm that in the coming days our customers will again be able to get all their KFC favourites at any of our more than 1,000 restaurants across the country.

“In partnership with our extensive supply network, we will continue to implement innovative solutions to ensure that we consistently deliver on our promise to serve South Africans.

“We have over 600 KFC restaurants with backup generators, ensuring we are able to continuously serve our world-famous recipes. We are also actively working with some of our suppliers to ensure they have sufficient back up power.”

The outlet has yet to comment on the issue of the chicken shortage.

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Chicken shortage

Earlier reports indicated that the country was experiencing a chicken shortage as a result of the power outages at slaughter houses and refrigeration facilities.  

Meanwhile, the South African Poultry Association has called on the president to address the losses that the chicken industry has been incurring as a result of load shedding.

“The industry is calling on President Cyril Ramaphosa to urgently intervene and put actions in place to remedy the situation and prevent food security in terms of animal protein supply,” said its General Manager, Izaak Breitenbach.

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