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17 Sep 2020
7:00 am

The new normal – How the coronavirus pandemic is shaping our way of life


As lockdown restrictions begin to ease, much of life seems to be returning to 'normal' but what exactly is normal?

The new normal - How the pandemic is shaping our way of life. Picture: Supplied

Let’s face it, 2020 came as a surprise. When we ushered in the new year, we could never have predicted that by March, we’d be facing one of the strictest lockdowns in the world. A good five month’s in and the effects on the country have been rather noticeable. As businesses adopt new strategies of staying productive and people continue to work from home, the changes on what we once considered normal are undeniable. So, what is the new normal, and how is this pandemic shaping our way of life?

As lockdown restrictions begin to ease, much of life seems to be returning to “normal” but what exactly is normal?

The Online Revolution

Remember the days when malls were overcrowded and standing in line to purchase your goods seemed to be endless agony? Well, neither do we. Ok, maybe a little. Still, in a matter of months, there has been an explosion of activity online. With rules on social distancing disrupting activities such as shopping, and entire industries taking to virtual platforms to conduct meetings, it is evident that society is embracing a new way of doing things. While doing some online shopping, why not look for some online insurance quotes to secure the goods that you purchase in the comfort of your home?

The Tech Revolution

Who would have imagined an app installed on your smartphone that can alert you if you have been in contact with a person who has symptoms of the Novel Coronavirus? I think we can all agree and say that as part of our new normal, that is nothing short of amazing.

Operation Work-From-Home

Working from home is one of the aspects of the new normal that most of us are either loving or hating. Whether you are functioning as a call centre agent or a manager, it takes some getting used to. Answering calls and responding to emails is a whole new ball game to most of us, with the kids running riot in the background. For peace of mind while working from home, it is wise to have comprehensive home insurance in place in the event of a break-in. And if you drive less, you should also pay less for insurance, right? Take a look at MiWay’s Work-from-Home offering.

 Embrace A New Way – And Live Your Way

The pandemic may have come with many unforeseeable changes. For the most part, it is an opportunity to challenge ourselves and adapt to a new way of living life. MiWay encourages clients to embrace the changes that lie ahead and to Live Your Way.

Rolling with the times in light of a pandemic is not easy; it is, however, doable. From all of us here at MiWay, we encourage you to secure your assets as you embrace the changes that lie ahead and adopt new ways of living successfully!

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