Ina Opperman

By Ina Opperman

Business Journalist

PODCAST: These are your rights when you buy online

Did you order something online that was not delivered? Or was something delivered that did not remotely look like what you ordered?

Your consumer rights when you buy online will help you solve these seemingly difficult problems. Fortunately, consumers who buy online are protected by the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) and the Electronic Communication and Transaction Act.

When you buy online, your rights as a consumer includes that what you order, must be delivered. The product you buy must look materially the same as the picture on the website. Therefore, if you, for example, buy a dress, it must look exactly the same as in the picture.

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The CPA protects your rights to choose or examine goods and when you can return goods, as well as your right to safe goods of good quality and the implied warranty of quality applicable to all goods.

Chapter 7 of the Electronic Communication and Transaction Act, which covers the transactions it applies to, information that must be provided, the cooling-off period, unsolicited goods and delivery, also protects you when you buy online.

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