Yasmeen Sewnarain
1 minute read
8 Sep 2017
10:45 am

South Africans think SABC 8 is a new channel

Yasmeen Sewnarain

Some Twitter users questioned the availability of channels 4 - 7.

Photo: Supplied

Many South Africans are convinced that SABC 8 is actually a channel broadcast on television.

The recent court hearing that saw South African Broadcasting Corporation acting CEO Jimmy Matthews being blamed for the dismissal of eight journalists in July 2016 resulted in ‘SABC 8’ trending on social media.

A few people misunderstood the trend, and assumed the broadcasting corporation was planning to release a new SABC channel.

Twitter was not impressed by this and wondered what happened to SABC 4, 5, 6 and 7.

“What are they going to play on SABC 8?”

“ANC news,” replied another user.

The SABC 8 was even compared to the release of the Nokia 8 cellphone.

“So SABC 3 jumped to SABC 8 like Nokia 3310 to #Nokia8.”

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