Hayden Horner
2 minute read
4 Sep 2020
12:13 pm

What are ‘Single Wives’ anyway? M-Net show title baffles viewers

Hayden Horner

Viewer reactions were not quite what M-Net was expecting.

The ladies of M-Net's The Single Wives SA

Since M-Net announced last year this time that it was working on a local version of international dating show The Single Wives, South African subscribers have been eagerly awaiting the show’s premiere.

Last night the TV network finally aired its first episode but viewer reactions were not quite what they were expecting.

Gauging from the feedback received on social media, viewers seemed confused about the show’s title or the relationship status of the women and what their intentions.

Comments on Twitter ranged from “So are they married or single?..  Help maybe its a new gender I’m unaware of… #SingleWivesSA” to “… is there anything such as a single wife? What is a wife kganthe?#SingleWivesSA” and “SINGLE WHAT?????????????????????”.

Perhaps in the period between M-Net announcing its intention to air the show and the actual premier, which was about a year later, people had forgotten what the show was said to be about.

Based on the popular Australian format, The Single Wives SA, just like it’s Australian counterpart, zooms in on six previously married women who have been unlucky in their search for love.

They (the wives) embark on an expert-led journey of self-discovery and transformation which will give them real-life tools to possibly find love.

Throughout the show, the Single Wives receive advice and guidance from Justin Cohen, a transformational coach, and Mapaseka Mokwele, who has over 22 years’ media industry experience and is known as Kaya FM’s “voice of reason”.

Providing insight into what the show is actually about, Justin said on M-Net’s website that The Single Wives SA is not about competing for an object of affection nor finding Mr Right.

“It’s about women who are willing to be vulnerable and the process that they will go through to get to a point where they’re ready for a potentially long-lasting relationship again.”

Meanwhile, Mapaseka adds that the road taken in The Single Wives SA is indeed travelled by many seeking love.

“At the same time, it’s a journey filled with entertainment, tears and laughter – one definitely worth taking,” she said.

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