Hein Kaiser
2 minute read
22 Sep 2021
10:29 am

Art initiative raises funds for SA’s sound engineers

Hein Kaiser

Allerston has raised around R30,000 to date and hopes to sell out and hand over more cash to struggling industry colleagues.

MixFM presenter Kerry-anne Allerston is raising funds for sound engineers by selling art. Picture Supplied.

When the going gets tough, South Africans always stand together, no matter how challenging the times we live in may be.

Mix 93.8FM presenter Kerry-anne Allerston is leading an initiative to raise funds for sound engineers and other behind-the-scenes show business role players who continue to be severely impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The Art for Sound initiative was started to raise funds for sound engineers and the crews behind the scenes. It’s not a hand-out but more a thank you to the guys for being the first at all the shows and the last ones to leave and for always making the shows sound and look so great! I know it’s a tricky time for so many out there but also very hard for engineers who haven’t been able to work for well over a year,” says Allerston.

In total there are 19 works of art created by industry legends like No Friends of Harry’s Rob McLennan, Susan Traut Allan and Sally Rumball, amongst others.

“So far we have sold §0 pieces with prices ranging between R1,500 and R15,000.”

Allerston has raised around R30,000 to date and hopes to sell out and hand over more cash to struggling industry colleagues.

“It’s been very difficult for so many people out there and so many people have lost their jobs, but I felt like the guys behind the scenes kind of get forgotten and it really breaks my heart knowing that people out there can’t feed themselves and their families because there just isn’t any work for them,” she says.

“I was really lucky to have so many artists who are actually also struggling donate their works to me so I could sell the pieces and give the funds to the engineers.”

She says that initiatives like this have a lot of power to heal and to bring people together.

Art For Sound has attracted many incredible people who want to make a difference.

She shares the story of a street artist who “heard about the initiative and wanted to donate a piece to help, and he has so little himself. He was desperate to help, and it warmed my heart knowing that someone who has so little still wants to give. He made a giraffe and I got so many amazing donations after people heard this story.”

She says there seems to be no end in the depth of heart and empathy amongst South Africans.

Allerston hosts the Hangout every Saturday and Sunday afternoon from 1pm-4pm on Mix 93.8 FM.

To view the art and participate, find Allerston on Instagram.