Vhahangwele Nemakonde
Digital Journalist
3 minute read
18 Apr 2016
2:14 pm

Your biggest talent is the bedroom, Pulane tells Khanyi

Vhahangwele Nemakonde

"Khanyi just like me you have had your nude pictures circulated on the internet," Pulane wrote.

Khanyi Mbau. Picture: Nigel Sibanda

While Pulane Lenkoe was trending on Monday afternoon, this time it did not involve nude picture of her that had been leaked, The model-turned businesswoman took to her Facebook page (or what appears to be her Facebook page) to teach men something about ‘yellow bones’ who only date them for their money. Her message was aimed at those men who leave their wives and kids at home and go to the cities to look for work but, once they get the job, rent a townhouse and start to date “those type of girls who know how to use fork and knife at Spur and Ocean Basket”.

There appeared nothing wrong with Pulane’s message, until she felt the need to use Khanyi Mbau and her baby’s father Mandla Mthembu as an example. “Mandla got rich and left his wife and kids for Khanyi. Today he doesn’t even have a cent, Khanyi Mbau won’t even say Hi to him. I don’t think she can even give him a hug. You men must use your brains to think, not you pockets. Most of these yellow bones rejected you back then and your woman gave you love, but now you turn your back on her because of yellow bones… MXM,” the post read.

We know Khanyi Mbau as an outspoken and no-nonsense kind of girl, and this time was no different. Khanyi did not take the post lightly, she gave Pulane a piece of her mind. In a Facebook post she referred to Pulane as “dear God”, she lashes out at her for her “judgmental mentality” and “righteous” soul that has put “its own life on hold to speculate and add commentary to people’s lives.”

“Honey, if I was 19 and could defraud a 51 year-old man of his riches, if they ever existed, then I must be a rich single parent! No one can buy shoes and hair for “R58 million” ( take note in “quotes”)

“Your childish mentality should at least afford you a calculator before you can even try advise grown-ass men where they should insert their penises and invest their time and money.

“What millionaire have you made or defrauded, broken or helped save money?

“Which penthouse did you stay in at Melrose Arch, as I haven’t seen you at our gym?”

She then tells Pulane to stop acting like the Virgin Mary because there was only one 2 000 years ago.

Just when we thought things had been sorted, Pulane could not keep quiet, again taking to Facebook to respond to Khanyi’s post, and this time, she got deeper.

She says she only used Khanyi and Mandla as an example as a way of giving an “honest” advise to the men who leave their wives for young yellow bones when they get rich.

Pulane went on to give Khanyi a history lesson in case she had forgotten, she wrote: “Do you remember how you made headlines by getting married to a man who was 30 years older than you. Wasted his money and left him dry.

“Do you remember how you took pride in destroying the family of Primrose when you were busy sleeping with her millionaire husband? Khanyi just like me you have had your nude pictures circulated on the internet.

“Khanyi, you can jump up and down but me and you know very well that your biggest talent is in the bedroom. Your bedroom talent made you who you are today after getting fired from Muvhango as the 2nd Doopsie.”

Pulane did not stop there, she further compares Khanyi to a Barbie doll “because you are both made by some white”, advising Khanyi to have a body label which reads “Made in Surgery”.

Let’s hope one of them comes out and says their Facebook was hacked because the flames are just too much to handle.


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