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31 Oct 2016
3:35 pm

Trevor Noah says he still lives in fear of being poor

Citizen Reporter

The Daily Show Host was chatting to Anele, who swapped her SA studios for a spot in Noah's chair in glamorous New York.

Picture: Anele Mdoda's Instagram

In a teaser clip for Anele Mdoda’s interview with Daily Show host Trevor Noah that’s being aired on Monday afternoon at 4pm, Noah admits to some of his insecurities about money.

Noah can today charge millions for a private show, and is a dollar multimillionaire.

For her show Real Talk with Anele, Mdoda travelled to Noah’s New York studio to interview him there.

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Noah said that “when you’ve been poor and you get money … the fear of losing it … people who’ve been rich forever don’t know what that feeling is like, and people who are poor, unfortunately don’t know what that feeling is like”.

He said the fear of losing money meant that it became harder to say no to paying jobs: “You feel like you have to do it,” to which Mdoda said: “You feel like you have to increase the distance between you and poverty?” which Noah agreed was the case.

He said even A-list Hollywood actor Will Smith had told him “he had that” and he in turn had had a conversation with one of the world’s richest women, who’d also started out very poor, Oprah Winfrey “who had that”.

“If you’ve been poor, you’ll always be afraid of being poor.”