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What Trevor Noah is like when he’s in love

The comedian has finally broken his silence on love – sort of – and if we might hear news of 'baby Trevor Noah' soon.

Probably one of the most private South African celebs, Daily Show host and comedian Trevor Noah has finally said something about his relationship in an interview with Anele Mdoda on Real Talk.

The two, who spoke of how they were genuinely friends, talked about everything, including his life growing up, if he plans to have babies, his book and his love life – one thing he did not want to say much about.

Growing up, Noah said his mother used to tell him not to have a child while still living under her roof, but he has, however, changed her tune now, constantly asking him when he’s having one.

Noah says he does not know when he is getting a baby, further saying he is not trying. In fact, the comedian says he does not understand why everyone just wants children.

“Sometimes I wonder why people have kids. So we’re just making them, vele? Why? There’s no space.”

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He, however, says he’s had moments when he thought having a little Trevor Noah would be cute, but then he saw kids crying at the shops and thought: “I don’t want those things.”

On love and relationships, Noah says he refuses to let that part of his life affect everything else. He says he wants to be happy at all times, single or not, and does not want to give someone else the power to control how he feels.

As a result, he says there is no difference between the Noah who is in love and the one who isn’t.

“I realise that if I love myself and I have friends that love me and family that loves me. I exist in a constant state of love,” though he admits that he’s very much in love.

He further says he’s “very happy” and continues to work on being happy.

“That’s the thing I learned: happiness is a choice; happiness is hard work.”

Watch the full interview below:


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