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10 Sep 2017
9:54 am

Euphonik manages to ‘censor’ Bonang’s book – report

Citizen Reporter

The 'juiciest chapter' in her soon-to-be-re-released memoir will apparently now be missing.

Following a recall debacle that saw Bonang Matheba’s memoir, Bonang: From A to B, being recalled from shelves, it now appears that the “corrected” version of the re-released book will have a chapter about her former boyfriend missing.

It was originally recalled apparently to correct factual, grammatical and typographical errors.

Sunday Sun reports that DJ Euphonik, real name Themba Nkosi, approached the courts with Bonang’s former friend Somizi Mhlongo to have their names removed from the book or they would sue for defamation.

Sources the tabloid spoke to questioned why Bonang would agree to remove the details about Euphonik if they were true, though another source said that Somizi may still appear in the book.

Bonang’s PR company confirmed to the title that Euphonik’s name would no longer appear in the new version, though the publisher, Jacana Media, could apparently not be reached for comment.

Euphonik commented that it was a “legal matter” and he just wanted his name out of the book.

One source asked Sunday Sun: “What on earth will she replace this juicy chapter with?”