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Hope Winters
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10 Oct 2017
3:56 pm

Khanyi Mbau defends controversial Dove advert

Hope Winters

In the wake of the storm that has erupted around Dove’s controversial advertising campaign, Khanyi Mbau has come out to defend it.

Khanyi Mbau.

Dove landed in hot water on Monday after it released a series of pictures of a black woman taking off her T-shirt and morphing into a white woman. The pictures went viral with thousands of fuming social media users labelling it “racist”.

As the debate around the advert continued to make headlines, TV presenter Khanyi Mbau took to Instagram to defend it.

Through a video, she said that people needed to calm down and not take everything so personally.

“Found the full version of this interesting ad that had the whole world in a rage. Sadly, we all saw the first part of it in a form of a still picture. Now that the full version is out, your thoughts?

“Personally, I think we all need to chill! Everything has become personal! Seriously people, not everything is about getting the black man!!” Mbau wrote.

She also applauded Dove for its bravery.

Dove SA apologised for the campaign through a statement admitting it “missed the mark”.

“This did not represent the diversity of real beauty which is something Dove is passionate about and is core to our beliefs‚ and it should not have happened. We have removed the post and have not published any other content.

“We do not condone any activity or imagery that insults any audience. Our richness lies in our diversity. Our beauty comes in different shapes‚ sizes‚ hair textures and skin tones.

“We believe beauty is diverse and diversity is beautiful‚” a statement on their Facebook page read.

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Dove in hot water over ‘racist’ advert