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23 Oct 2017
4:34 pm

DJ Zinhle reveals which celeb she would ‘smash’, sets Twitter alight

Citizen Reporter

Most of her followers say they would gladly pay to watch the two in the act.

DJ Zinhle. Image via Instagram.

Trapafasa on Twitter recently asked people which celebrity they would “smash” i.e have sex with, and one of the people who responded was DJ Zinhle, whose answer left her followers going crazy.

Some said she would smash her baby daddy, AKA, and others praised her for her sense of humour for saying she would smash BFF Pearl Thusi. The DJ’s friendship with the TV personality has been the talk of the Twitter streets, with most saying they were friendship goals.

They even hosted a group of friends recently after they won the Pearl Thusi/DJ Zinhle challenge where they had to pose with their BFFs and post pictures on Twitter for selection.

While some said the friendship was fake, claiming they were only friends because they have an enemy in common, some said it was the ultimate friendship goal. There were those who said the two were “too close”, suggesting they were more than friends.

Now DJ Zinhle jumped on that train to spice things up, and said the celebrity she would smash was Pearl.

“She’s like since they be saying this so why not I fuel the fire, who the boss lols,” said one of her followers, while another said: “No one believed me, I knew you guys are dating or something.”

These were some of the hilarious memes on the tweet: