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21 Nov 2017
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Terry Pheto mum on Idris Elba rumours

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'I've been blessed to work with people that I like, people that I look up to, very generous and kind and lovely people, and he was one of them,' she says.

Terry Pheto. Picture: Supplied

Actor Terry Pheto to this day refuses to comment on rumours she and Idris Elba were once an item. In a recent interview with Somizi Mhlongo and DJ Fresh on Metro FM, the DJ tried to shake the information out of Pheto, who only opened up about working with Elba on his Robot music video.

“I don’t know what rumour. I’ve been blessed to work with people that I like, people that I look up to, very generous and kind and lovely people, and he was one of them. Because we spent a lot of time on set, you get to realise sometimes you have like certain things in common or you care about the same things,” she said.

On the music video that saw Pheto wear a red jumpsuit she said she would never wear off set, she said Elba approached her and asked her to be in it. She only agreed because it would show a different side to her and the “beautiful” story behind it.

“He was like, ‘hey I’ve written this thing and and I thought, do you want to have a look? Tell me if you’re interested.’ I read the concept, and I was like why not? Also the story behind that was beautiful to me.

“I had fun and also for me, I just wanted to do something different because 90% of all the roles I’ve played are older and very serious. I was just happy to be part of a different experience,” she said.

Pheto, who started her career as a cashier, also opened up about her encounter with disgraced American film producer Harvey Weinstein, who has been accused of sexually harassing a number of women in the industry.

Pheto said Weinstein was “very nice to him”, but added she did not think he had expected all these accusations would come to light.

“He’s a character, and he’s also a very powerful man, and with power comes a lot of things and I believe that ultimate power corrupts. He didn’t expect it, I don’t think he was ready for this, and I don’t think anyone was ready for this moment. It just opened a can of worms, and now people are coming out, and this is just the beginning, names will come out. But if we can deal with someone like him, then the other guys are like small fish.

“I’m not going to make up stories, and he was partner for Long Walk to Freedom. We met in Toronto, and I was introduced, and he was very nice to me. It is scary to deal with people who have so much power and have something that you want,” she said.

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