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18 Jan 2018
12:04 pm

Zuma scolds Zodwa over her sexual advice to women

Lily Rose

It’s been a controversial start to the new year for Zodwa Wabantu. President Jacob Zuma has weighed in on the dancer’s eyebrow-raising behaviour.

The president is reportedly not impressed with recent comments Zodwa made, wherein she encouraged women to use their private parts to make money.

“Ladies, you have power and you must use it. Take it from me. I am using my punani to make R35 000. I don’t know how to dance. All I do is to shake my ass and get paid. So, my b*tches, use your punani and be yourself,” she said in a video that went viral earlier this month.

Zuma was so upset by Zodwa’s comments he reportedly told ANC spokesperson Zizi Kodwa to contact her manager, DJ Tira.

The DJ revealed on Twitter that he had received a call from Kodwa, who conveyed the president’s objections to her utterances.

“I honestly don’t have a problem with the way Zodwa dresses. That’s the image she prefers to portray and her fans love that about her. What I can’t tolerate are the messages she’s directing to young women,” the Sunday Tribune quote him as saying.

Zodwa has since apologized for her comments and vowed to change her language in 2018.

However, the president is not the only one who is less than impressed with Zodwa’s behaviour.

Celeste Ntuli’s recently described Zodwa’s behaviour as “disgusting” and Isibaya actress Ayanda Borotho agrees.

“If walking around naked is being liberal and being a feminist, then I clearly didn’t get the memo. Where are the men who dangle their private parts? If you wouldn’t like to see your own daughter do the same, then don’t call it freedom of expression,” Ayanda wrote on Instagram.

Ayanda added that Zodwa’s advice to women could result in them being objectified.

“We are perpetuating the very core stereotype of patriarchy that objectifies women and at the top of that list is ‘sexual objects’. We cannot say it’s ok to perpetuate such a dangerous narrative. We are already not safe as women and girls. And now we are telling men we deserve it.”

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