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Tinashe Venge
2 minute read
26 Jun 2019
2:38 pm

Moshe Ndiki and Phelo Bala rocked by break-up rumours

Tinashe Venge

Moshe Ndiki and Phelo Bala have proven to be one of 2019’s hottest couples but recent rumours suggest that they might have broken up this week.

Picture: Moshe Ndiki on Instagram

It’s never nice speculating on the end of a romance, but if Moshe and Phelo are truly over, it will really hurt many of the fans who have been rooting for their relationship.

Things have seemed rosy for much of this year but recent reports and Instagram activity on both of their parts have set off the alarm bells. It all began when Phelo appeared to delete all images of Moshe from his Instagram page.At the time of writing, the youngest Bala brother has wiped his entire page of all images, leading many to suspect that something is amiss. Moshe, meanwhile, still has a few pictures of himself alongside Phelo’s family but a few recent updates are notably missing.

They say there is never smoke without fire and what began as a wisp turned into an entire column of smoke when other publications picked up on the speculation. One local headline wondered if Phelo and Moshe were simply choosing to go private with their relationship or if something more sinister was afoot.

A quick look on Moshe’s Twitter page has revealed a number of cryptic posts which the presenter and comedian shared over the past few days.

These three in particular appeared to condemn abusive/ toxic partners and relationships:

“When a person shows you who they are the first time , believe it. Goodnight” — Moshelle Obama (@MosheNdiki) June 19, 2019

“Infidelity is not the only thing that ruins a relationship, if you can’t commit to being a better person you can’t commit to being a better partner.” — Moshelle Obama (@MosheNdiki) June 20, 2019

“Be patient with financial growth be patient and with everything else .but not with Emotional abuse..inconsideration and general disregard of your feelings. That is not patience that is abuse. — Moshelle Obama (@MosheNdiki) June 20, 2019

Was he hinting at circumstances in his own relationship, or perhaps warning others to be wary of red flags he’s witnessed in the past?

Meanwhile, Phelo tweeted around the same time as Moshe’s cryptic posts and spoke about people breaking up in recent times.

The singer seemed to question how someone could “give up” on a person they loved. It could all be speculation but the writing does appear to be on the wall.

Fans of Moshe and Phelo’s romance will be sincerely hoping that the two share one more image of each other to confirm that they are still together.

Do you think Moshe and Phelo have broken up, or is this just an odd series of coincidental moves that the pair are making on social media?

Originally appeared on all4women.

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