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2 Jul 2019
10:42 am

Skolopad claims DJ demanded sex in exchange for boosting music career 

Citizen reporter

She is reportedly on the verge of giving up on her music career after being abandoned by those who promised to help her.

Skolopad has returned to work following her nervous breakdown

Nonhlanhla Qwabe, popularly known as Skolopad, has opened up about suffering depression after being turned into a “sex slave” allegedly by famous men who promised to help with her career in the entertainment industry.

Qwabe rose to fame after appearing at events in revealing outfits, once wearing an outfit made out of boerewors and plastic.

While things appeared to have been going well for her at the time, it seems everyone who promised to help her turned their backs on her.

She alleged that a “famous man” who had promised to help her with her career if she slept with him, was now ignoring her. Another DJ then asked her to visit him at his house with the promise of helping her record her music. Even that did not work out after he allegedly changed his tune and asked for sexual favours in exchange for a successful entertainment career, Isolezwe reported.

She told the publication: “His wife walked in on us while he was on top of me having his way with me. What surprised me is that the wife was the one who apologised for having disturbed us. The next day she was told to take me home. We agreed with the wife that I would leave by myself, and when he phoned to ask if she had indeed done as instructed I would lie and say yes because he would be upset with her. I saw that day that famous people can do as they please. I also realised how other women are treated badly by their partners.”

Qwabe refused to name the said famous men out of fear that they could “finish” her. She was also afraid of being called a liar.

This has affected her relationship with her daughter, who she said did not see a future for her in the entertainment industry.

“I wish to find people who will help me without demanding sex.”

Qwabe has since taken her struggles to social media in a call for help.

“When people want more of you and you are not given that opportunity, it leads to depression. They use power to oppress, lest we hope big brands are not the contributor,” she said.

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