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1 Mar 2021
10:58 am

Flight to Qatar could have been a cat-astrophe

Citizen Reporter

The cat only noticed on board 30 minutes after takeoff, attacks pilot who makes emergency landing.

Maybe he wanted to go to Khatmandu? Picture: iStock

An ordinary tabby cat caused havoc on board a flight from Sudan to Doha in Qatar at the weekend.

Sudanese airline Tarco Aviation was on route from Khartoum International Airport Doha. The flight had an unwelcome passenger, the crew were shocked to find a cat on board 30 minutes after liftoff.

Doha News reported the cat attacked the captain, causing him to do a U-turn back to Khartoum Airport for an emergency landing.

Local Sudanese newspaper said it Al Sudani had information from passengers the plane was standing in the hangar at Khartoum Airport the night before it was to fly to Doha.

So how did the cat managed to get in undetected?

They suspect it got into the cabin of the plane during the time the aircraft was being cleaned or an engineering review of the aircraft.

As bizarre as this story may sound, the punchlines on Twitter were just as entertaining.

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