Lerato Maimela
Digital Journalist
4 minute read
21 Jul 2021
2:49 pm

Over-35 celebs dish out Covid-19 vaccine FOMO

Lerato Maimela

'I have chosen to get vaccinated because I think I can do my little bit to help fight the scourge of this disease,' said Basetsana Kumalo.

Basetsana Kumalo. Picture: Instagram

South African celebs who qualify for the over-35 phase of the country’s Covid-19 vaccine programme have been sharing their vaccination experiences, and they have everyone else wanting their turn.

Host of e.tv’s The Morning Show Pabi Moloi, radio and television personality Anele Mdoda, former Miss South Africa and businesswoman Basetsana Kumalo and publicist Lerato Sengadi recently got their first jabs of the Covid-19 vaccination, and they all took to Instagram to celebrate.

It was announced on 14 July 2021 that registrations to get vaccinated for citizens between the ages of 35 and 49 were open, and in just one day, more than a million South Africans within this age group had registered to receive their vaccines.

Some took to social media to announce that they had been “vaxxed”, and urged those who are eligible to get their vaccines and help fight the surge of Covid-19 infection.

Pabi posted a video of herself at the vaccination station. In the video, she is seen wincing as she gets vaccinated.

The caption of her post reads: “So… here’s the thing about me and needles. It’s a no from me. So obviously I winced and nyakazad as the needle went in. So far post vaccination my arm is a bit sore at the site and it feels a little like pins and needles in my fingers. I had a little nap earlier and now I feel perfectly fine. If you’re eligible, please get vaccinated.”

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Basetsana shouted with glee on an Instagram video post in her car, as she announced that she was about to get her vaccination.

In the video, she takes us through her walk into the vaccination station, as she queues in the long lines with other South African citizens who are in her age group, and then finally gets to the end of the line where she receives her jab.

The video ends off with Basetsana telling her followers “guys, I got vaxxed!”.

The caption of her Instagram post reads: “We are within! Ons is binnekant! I got vaxed! Covid-19 is not over, it is real. I’ve lost loved ones, family members, friends and colleagues, so I decided to get vaccinated because if you are, you are in a better position than if you are not. It’s the only choice for me.

“Until such time that we have enough people vaccinated and Covid-19 is no longer spreading at such a rampant rate, we have to wear our masks, social distance and sanitise.”

Mdoda posted a series of pictures taken from the vaccination site, a few of her sitting in line and getting some work done, and the last picture being of her finally getting her vaccine.

Anele’s caption reads: “We did it Joe! Left arm in, vaccine needle out! I went to Liberty in Braam. Arrived at 9:50 was vaccinated at 11:22. Lines Move quickly. Staff is so so so friendly. They sanitise everything you touch, even the chairs we sit on as you get up to move to the next, sanitise. So good to see the over 60s still coming out in numbers. Jonas the man who registered me said please come if you are registered and have an appointment. Walk ins are available but they do the appointment ones first.

“Lady who set up the site Karusha was walking around checking on her staff and us in such an amazing manner. Take a book of if you are like me who had meetings coming out my ear, take your zooms with but just get vaccinated. Got a card that says I am due back there for my second jab 30 August. I am not scared of needles so it was a breeze, lady who injected me said my arm has plenty protection so of course I won’t feel it. Bought a coffee in the kiosk on the way out. Will avoid gym for 48 hours and anything cold. All drinks room Temperature for 48 hours. Yeah that’s about it.

Danko Cyril Ramaphosa and team… it’s been a hellish week but as I was driving home, I was smiling hard. Let’s make sure that even the most impoverished have it as easy as I did. Camagu.”

The former Big Brother Africa housemate sang along to Roxette’s It Must Have been Love on her Instagram stories after she got vaccinated. She captioned her story “vaxed mood”, and then posted a picture of herself getting jabbed at the vaccination station, with the caption “vaxed”.