Lerato Maimela
Digital Journalist
4 minute read
23 Aug 2021
2:59 pm

Ndaba vs Lichaba: Diss song removed but the drama continues

Lerato Maimela

Lwandle has removed his diss track from social media while Sophie Ndaba-Lichaba and Themba Ndaba have not made any comments regarding the song.

Actress, Sophie Ndaba-Lichaba. Picture: Instagram

Tension still brews among the Lichaba and Ndaba family members after the son of Sophie Ndaba and Themba Ndaba released a diss track accusing Max Lichaba of abusing his mother during their marriage.

The 21-year-old rapper-songwriter revealed in his latest musical offering that his former stepfather assaulted his mother after he cheated on her with his own best friend who is “young enough to be your daughter”.

“You left your wife bruised up on your body. I won’t forget the day you hit her cause you cheated. You cheated with my best friend. She is young enough to be your daughter, R. Kelly wanna be,” said the lyrics of the diss track.

Speaking to TshisaLive, Lichaba responded to the diss track, stating that he was disappointed by the allegations made by Lwandle, and that he was never abusive towards his estranged wife, Sophie.

“I have never beaten anyone ever in my life and I’m not about to start now,” said Max.

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The businessman also revealed that he had invested a lot in his stepson’s music career, and that he still has a lot of love for him, despite the fact that he and his mother are no longer together.

“I still have much love for him and I hope he can leave grown people’s business and focus on his talent in music. He studied in Midrand. I’ve taken him there. I bought him mics, earphones, and everything to continue with that.

“Because I knew he’s talented with this thing and now all of a sudden he forgets all those things. He didn’t know how to drive. I taught him how to drive,” said Lichaba.

Max, however, did admit to cheating on Sophie while they were still together, but said it did not make him the monster that Lwandle has painted him out to be.

“I’ve been going through two or three people to find ‘Miss Right’ and that doesn’t make me a monster,” Lichaba said in the interview.

Max has sent a letter of demand to the actress, requesting that her Lwandle apologise for the diss track, and retract the accusations and allegations he made on the song.

His sister has also contacted Lwandle via WhatsApp, instructing him to remove the song from all online platforms, and also threatened to reveal some secrets surrounding thievery about his mother.

“Look here b*tch… that is my brother you are singing rubbish about. Did you ask that stupid mother of yours what she did to Moeketsi? You Satan, who do you think you and your witch mother are?” reads a WhatsApp message from Max’s sister.

Max’s brother, Prince, also sent Lwandle threats, alluding that war would be started if he did not remove the track and stay out of grown people’s business.

“You are a small boy, you don’t know what you are starting … before you provoke war,” he wrote.

Max also went out to seek legal action against Sophie and her son. His lawyers wrote the mother-son duo a letter stating that Max had never hit Sophie, and that there is no proof or evidence of the incident Lwandle refers to in his diss track, and therefore have requested that the young rapper remove the track and apologise to Max for the allegations.

“Our client have [sic] not raised nor been involved in any form of physical violence towards his erstwhile spouse. No allegation nor evidence suggest that our client was involved in extra-marital affairs prejudicing his erstwhile spouse nor any form of family violence whatsoever,” reads the letter.

“It is, therefore, our instructions to demand, as we hereby do, that you withdraw the publication of the aforementioned song with immediate effect and confirm in writing an unequivocal apology for any negative aspersions and/or inference that can be drawn and/or defamatory statements made in the said song by close of business on Tuesday, 17 August 2021, failing which our client shall have no alternative other than to approach a court for an interdict against you for further publication of the song,” said the letter.

Lwandle’s parents have remained silent throughout the drama that has unfolded between their son and Max.

On Monday morning, Sophie took to social media to pay tribute to her son by posting an appreciation post.

In the caption of the post, she mentioned how much she loves her last born son, and how lucky Lwandle’s future wife will be to have him as a husband one day.

“I love you to heaven and back my Lwandle just know my boy that the woman you will marry one say will be so lucky to have you as a husband! Fact,” said the actress.

Following Max’s interview with TshisaLIVE, the young muso has removed the diss track from his personal Instagram account, but has not removed it from his YouTube page.