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Sandisiwe Mbhele
Lifestyle Journalist
2 minute read
22 Oct 2021
10:32 am

Anele Mdoda’s impressive body and weight-loss transformation

Sandisiwe Mbhele

The radio and TV presenter's toned legs left many people wanting to head to the gym.

Anele Mdoda has shared her fitness journey on social media. Picture: Instagram

Anele Mdoda’s fitness journey may be something new for some but the radio and TV presenter has previously shared her battles with fitness.

However, it looks like the host of Miss South Africa 2021 has cracked the code for her own health and wellness journey. Mdoda has been posting her workouts in the gym, hikes, sports activities and food for the past six months and the changes are evident.

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This week, Anele shared a pic of her toned legs and it turned many heads.

Anele gave some background on how this picture was taken and it was her friend, Unathi Nkayi, who took it after she was looking for a gift she brought for her. Unathi asked her to turn back and the rest is history.

Ausi bhula boot thank you for @unathi.co seeing a good set of pins when they decide to shine and then clicking. In fact, let me go to @knock_out_legends right now! Issa Leg before wicket kinda day!”

Anele’s workouts


Knock Out Legends is a boxing and exercise gym that is popular amongst celebrities and influencers alike. Stars such as actress Zola Nombona, actor Bohang Moeko, TV producer Connie Ferguson and Mdoda herself have chosen this gym to help their fitness journey.

The gym also specialises in professional boxing training and functional weight-loss training.

The exercises circuits include cardio, boxing and weight training.


Walking and taking in Mother Nature and the views may seem easy but you would be surprised how many calories you can burn as it is a great cardio workout. WebMD reports that hiking has many benefits, such as strengthening your core, improving blood pressure and helping control your weight.

Mdoda is a frequent hiker and recently did an 8.3km hike and shared that it took her nearly two hours to complete, burning 742 calories.


Running is one of the most effective and quickest ways to weight loss and a good way to add to your workout routine. According to Healthline, several studies have shown that high-intensity running can reduce your appetite after a workout.

In a 5km run, the TV host burned around 603 calories and it took her under 50 minutes. Mdoda also mixes it up by playing one of her favourite sport – tennis.