Lerato Maimela
Digital Journalist
3 minute read
22 Nov 2021
10:00 am

Israel had to leave ‘Gomora’ because Gangrene ‘crippled’ him

Lerato Maimela

Matseke-Zulu played the role of Don, Teddy's biological father on the popular telenovela.

Legendary actor Israel Matseke-Zulu. Picture: Instagram

Legendary South African actor Israel Matseke-Zulu has decided to take a break and has exited Mzansi Magic’s popular series, Gomora, because he is suffering from gangrene.

Speaking to Daily Sun, the actor said he was forced to bid farewell to his role on Gomora because he is currently ill, and started feeling ill shortly after he had joined the TV show.

“The reason I am leaving the show is because I am sick, I started becoming sick shortly after I joined Gomora and I decided to leave the show because I saw it was becoming difficult for me because I can’t walk,” said Matseke-Zulu.

Gangrene, defined as the death of tissue caused by an infection which often occurs in the skin from loss of blood supply.

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Matseke-Zulu also revealed that when he was shooting his last scene on the show, he had to make use of a wheelchair to get around on set because of the difficulty he has with walking as a result of the gangrene.

“Towards the end when I was shooting my last scene, I was using a wheelchair to get on set,” said the actor.

In a statement released by the actor on Monday, he confirmed that he has indeed been diagnosed with gangrene, and that the illness has affected his right leg, making it difficult for him to walk.

Matseke-Zulu played the role of Don, Teddy’s biological father on the popular telenovela.

In his statement, he mentioned that he loves the telenova and has been a fan of it since it first aired on Mzansi Magic, and that what he loves the most about the show is the fact that it takes place in Alexandra which is his township.

He also said how as much as he loves the show, he was unable to give his all as an actor, and that is why he had decided to walk away from his role and the telenova.

“I love Gomora as a show which I have been close to from its inception, more so that it set up in my hood Alexandra township. At the same time I am the kind of actor who when I do what I like I want to be able to go full force, give it my all. I wasn’t able to do so in the last few month before I requested to be written off from the show,” said the star.

Matseke-Zulu ended off his statement by thanking the producers of the show as well as his co-stars for their patience throughout his journey on Gomora, and also apologized to his fans for his sudden exit from the show, and expressed that he hopes they continue to support and watch Gomora.

“I appreciate the show producers and fellow actors for their understanding and for carrying me until the end.  I apologise to the multitudes of my fans for my exit and hope you continue to support the show, especially the young crop of actors who are really doing their best to make it exciting,” said the actor.

The actor is also known for his stellar roles in popular TV shows and movies such as Gaz’lam, Tsotsi, Gangsters Paradise, Avenged and more.