Sandisiwe Mbhele
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30 Nov 2021
4:49 pm

Rami Chuene seething after ‘madam’ punishes domestic worker for Oreos

Sandisiwe Mbhele

The 'Isono' star shared a picture of Nomusa Sibanda's salary deductions. Incredibly, it includes two Oreos, a muffin, bread and much more, amounting to R600.

Actress Rami Chuene. Picture: Instagram

Actress Rami Chuene dropped files of an employer who charged their domestic worker for cake, Oreo cookies and much more.

Chuene, in disbelief, she shared the information on Twitter on Tuesday. Her thread received much engagement, where she detailed how a “madam”, a black woman in Broadacres, Johannesburg, was “robbing and financially abusing her helper in broad daylight”.

Rami says she heard this story from her domestic worker’s sister, Nomusa Sibanda, who recently got the job in Joburg.

“A salary was negotiated and agreed at R3,000 – in Broadacres but asikholapho. Helper went with her own toiletries but was told that in that household you use their stuff not what you bring. Then a packet of sweets here and there would also be given to [the] helper. One time he brought [a] cake for madam and she gave it to [the] helper…

“Now comes month end, madam tells helper that she will give her an income and expenditure statement and guys! I’m not coping with this rubbish! Has anyone ever seen this kind of witchcraft? Boloi bo bo kaaka? Please take your time I beg and go through the statement.”

The Isono star shared a picture of Sibanda’s deductions for accepting these treats. Incredibly, it includes two Oreos, a muffin, bread and much more, amounting to R600.

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Chuene then shared the WhatsApp messages between Sibanda and her employer. She quit the job after being made aware of the deductions. The employer says she will further deduct from Sibanda’s salary for the soaps she used and other snacks she ate at the home.

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One message read: “Your room is dirty too… I will [send] a pic of how under the bed looks… I will tell you how much they are charging me to clean it up.”

Sibanda wrote in her messages that she was confused as to why she was being charged when she was told to only use the items at the home.

Rami said she would help Sibanda take legal action and provided a number for people to contribute money.

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