Sandisiwe Mbhele
Lifestyle Journalist
2 minute read
9 May 2022
10:45 am

Anele Mdoda and son Alakhe take on Miami GP

Sandisiwe Mbhele

The mother and son duo who are big fans of Formula One had front row seats at the Miami GP over the weekend.

Alakhe and Anele Mdoda take on Miami GP. Picture: Instagra

It’s Alakhe’s world and we just love living in it. Media personality Anele Mdoda’s six-year-old son continues to steal the hearts of those he meets globally. 

If you recall, Alakhe met the likes of Burna Boy, Formula One driver Daniel Ricciardo and posted a photo-op with family friend Trevor Noah recently in New York.  

Living his best Formula One dreams, Alakhe attended the first-ever Miami Grand Prix and Anele shared her son’s adventures, as the two are big fans of the sport.

Anele and Alakhe had front row seats during the motoring event over the weekend, as the 947 host shared several videos and pictures. 

One of the pictures showed an F1 video journalist taking a video of Alakhe in the stands. 

There is also an adorable and hilarious video in which Alakhe asks where Mercedes Benz is from, but when Anele says that it is from Germany, Alakhe does not look convinced. 

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Watch the adorable clip below:

Anele teased that she will post a YouTube video of a round-up of Alakhe’s day at the Miami GP.

She also said attending the Grand Prix was the best way to celebrate Mother’s Day.

In her Mother’s Day message, she wrote: “Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms. The support moms, the aunts who are moms, the friends who help us mother, the work moms, the nannies who allow us to fly with ease because we know our little hearts are being loved just the same, the teachers who [are] 9-5 is making sure they don’t look like it’s a mere job, we see your work and we love you for it and to our mom’s friends who mothered us too.”

The former talk show host has been quite busy, we have seen her take on New York City and now Miami during her “two-month fact-finding stint and mission”.

Anele has been exploring new and emerging broadcasting and entertainment trends including “interrogating global best practices that will invigorate the show on her return.”