Lerato Maimela
Digital Journalist
2 minute read
6 Jul 2022
2:19 pm

Death threats and criminal records: Inside Lerato Kganyago and Musa Khawula’s twar

Lerato Maimela

Lerato Kganyago slammed allegations that she and her husband sent Musa Khawula death threats.

South African media personality, Lerato Kganyago. Picture: Instagram

South African media personality and businesswoman, Lerato Kganyago, is at war with Twitter gossip blogger, Musa Khawula, once again.

The twar between the two began when Khawula shared a picture of Kganyago glammed up at the Durban July, and captioned the picture “Bonang Lite at the #DurbanJuly”.

In a different tweet, Khawula highlighted why he referred to Kganyago as ‘Bonang Lite’ and stated that whatever job position Bonang Matheba leaves, Kganyago always finds a way to fill it.

He further elaborated that when Matheba left her presenting gig at Live AMP, the position was filled by Kganyago soon after, and when Matheba left her radio gig at Metro FM, Kganyago joined the broadcasting station as the new radio presenter.

Taking offense to Khawula’s allegations, the DJ took to Twitter to clap back at the gossip blogger, saying that it is okay for him to criticize her, but it is not okay for him to disrespect her and bully her on a wide social platform.

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Kganyago also revealed that Khawula has a number of criminal charges dating back to 2013, some which he has even been convicted for, and stressed that he should shift more of his focus on that, instead of bashing her down.

On Tuesday afternoon, Khawula took to Twitter to share a text message that he allegedly received from Kganyago and her husband threatening to harm him if he continues to bully and ridicule the DJ on his Twitter timeline.

“Since you know longer answering your phone [I] am only giving you 12 hours to make a decision on what we spoke about, it’s either you stop what you are doing or you will tweet in heaven, It’s a promise,” said the text message.

Kganyago then responded to the allegations and said that Khawula was making the death threats up, because she has finally exposed him and all the criminal activities.

In a different tweet, the media personality shared a few documents showing warrants of arrest and the criminal offences which were allegedly committed by Khawula in 2013.

Although the documents have all the details which the media personality revealed in her tweets about the gossip blogger, tweeps have been having a hard time shaking off the fact that the documents do not have Khawula’s name on them.