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Cassper Nyovest sparks a debate about lyricism and gets dragged in the process

The comment Cassper Nyovest made about lyrics came after a rant about the state of the music industry and prevailing tastes. 

Since he first became a rap superstar, Cassper Nyovest’s lyrical prowess has been subject to much debate. And now, he is doing unto others what was done to him with a recent question he posed about whether or not lyrics matter in music. 

“Are lyrics still a thing? Or it’s just vibes,” Cassper Nyovest asked his followers on Tuesday. 

At the time of writing, the rapper received over 300 replies and over 100 quote tweets in response to his question. 

“At this point, it’s both,” responded Twitter user @_SMXF_.

Drop’a ntweo wena [Just drop that thing]. Retla bolela ka dilyrics [we’ll talk about lyrics] when the track is out,” responded @Monama_Vee.

“Rap is lyrics and vibes ke trap… My view,” said @ninetyninekid.

“They still are, they [are] what captures our attention,” added @samka45.

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Those who have always believed Cassper Nyovest was not the strongest rapper in a lyrical sense used the moment to remind him how they feel about the lyrics in his music. 

“[You] should listen to your songs sometimes maybe will get your answer,” retorted @slattt4svnflow.

“Your entire career is based on vibes WDYM [what do you mean?]” said @Koketso_08 in a quote tweet. 

“Lol you never cared about lyrics mate,” added @punter_q.

For the most part, the replies to Cassper Nyovest’s tweet stated that music fans still care about the lyrical content of songs. 

His comment about lyrics came after a rant about the state of the music industry and prevailing tastes. 

“We can’t be all making the same music y’all. Open up the market, create new styles and avenues. We also can’t all be making music for 14-year-olds. We need that real Hip Hop. Where yall at?” he tweeted. 

When called out by another Twitter user for turning to Amapiano music when the Hip Hop genre waned in popularity, Cassper Nyovest simply responded with a lyric from one of his songs. 

The rapper is also known to easily get bothered by what people online say to him or about him, however, he has not responded to most of his detractors in this conversation. 

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