PICS: Cute celebrity pets prove it’s a dog’s life after all

From Melinda Bam’s French Bulldogs to Liezel van der Westhuizen’s rescues, these pets prove that it’s a dog’s life after all.

Pets have become an increasingly popular search item on social media and even more so when they come with the bonus of a celeb by their side. We all get drawn into the urge to share pictures of our pets and their personalities on social media and so do celebs. How cute are these celebrity pets?

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Willem Botha recently celebrated the third birthday of his Yorkshire Terrier, Seven, saying that never in his wildest dreams would he ever have thought that a 3kg little animal would change his life. “She is my biggest smile and energy when I get home from a long trip. My joy and my life,” he captioned the carousel of pet pictures on his feed.