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WATCH: Connie Ferguson and her daughters’ nail new TikTok challenge

Connie Ferguson and her daughters, Ali and Lesedi owned the 'Hey Bae Bae' viral Tik Tok dance challenge by adding their own twist.

Connie Ferguson and her daughters, Ali and Lesedi Matsunyane-Ferguson showed off their impressive moves to a viral dance challenge taking TikTok by storm. 

The foot gilding challenge sees participants trying to glide their feet side to side effortlessly to the hip hop song Hey Bae Bae, a new interruption to the line dance. 

The Hey Bae Bae challenge went viral in February and was created by an artist named @Kia_bhn (DJ Loki).

The Youtube video has about 350K views, while the TikTok challenge has over 20 million views. 

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The trendy Tiktok audio clip only features about 20 seconds of the song. Kevin Hart has participated, his video has over 2.4 million views on his Tik Tok account.

However, our local celebrities, Connie Ferguson and her daughter’s own interpretation of Hey Bae Bae with a mixture of dancing has nearly 700,000 views. 

Watch Connie Ferguson and her daughters Ali and Lesedi do the Hey Bae Bae challenge:

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The Fergusons had a difficult 2021 after Connie lost her husband Shona Ferguson in July to Covid-19.

In February, Lesedi and her mother shared how triggered they were after a prophet reshared an old viral video where he “predicted” Shona’s death and had a “new message from God” that Connie has cancer on the left side of her breast. 

Lesedi accused the prophet of attacking her mother and using the Ferguson family to gain clout.

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“Ohhh we pay attention to God, alright; and for a ‘Man of God’ you have very malicious intentions by using my family as clickbait. If your heart is as pure as what your calling REQUIRES you to be, you’d have found any other way to deliver whatever message directly,” she tweeted. 

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