WATCH: Inside Connie Ferguson’s luxurious mansion

The Fergusons are rumoured to have one of the biggest and most expensive celebrity mansions in South Africa.

Along with living a lavish lifestyle and owning luxurious cars, actress and producer Connie Ferguson also apparently lives in one of the biggest and most expensive celebrity mansions in the country.

Some time in 2018, the producer shared a video on her Instagram page of her late husband Shona Ferguson riding into their home on a motorbike which showed their gorgeous and large front yard.

The yard has a wonderful garden and is guarded by a security house located by the gate, and there is also a lengthy well painted driveway leading from the gate to an area with a lot of parking space where the Ferguson’s park their expensive cars.

The house is surrounded by high walls which have been painted white and grey to match the exterior of the actual house.

The Queen actress recently shared a video on her Instagram page showcasing her Huawei P50 pocket phone from her home.

In the video, she is seen walking down her spiral tile floor staircase with metallic railings which leads to a black grand piano situated by the entrance of her mansion.

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In a picture of Connie’s living room shared by Styleyou7, we can see grey and white painted walls which are decorated with picture frames and artworks which compliment the main colours present in the room.

The living room also has cream neutral coloured furniture which adds to the theme of elegance and style found throughout the Ferguson mansion.

In a video Connie posted of herself taken by her late husband some time late last year, the Ferguson’s kitchen can be seen in the background.

The kitchen is fully equipped, and has an open plan with a kitchen island in the middle.

The walls of the kitchen are painted with a red or orange tone, and the kitchen cupboards as well as the drawers compliment the colour of the wall.

The CEO of Ferguson Films also frequently posts workout video’s which she usually takes from one of the balcony’s in her home which show the breathtaking view of the landscape that is overlooked by her mansion.

Taking to social media, the actress shared a tribute post marking the eighth month since Shona’s passing.

“I am strong because you loved me unreservedly, unconditionally. I laugh because the sound of your laughter still rings loudly in my ears. I’m at peace because you prayed with me and for me. I’ll never stop thanking God for you my LOVE. We WILL meet again. I love you for ETERNITY,” said Ferguson in the caption of her post.

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