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WATCH: Connie Ferguson’s 86-year-old Pops’ abs routine will put you to shame

All it took for Mzansi to finally hit the gym was a short video clip of Connie Ferguson’s dad doing an intense core workout.

Actress, filmmaker, producer and businesswoman Connie Ferguson started documenting her fitness journey in October 2019, and although she’s had a really difficult time after the passing of her husband, Shona Ferguson, this hasn’t stopped her from continuing with her exercise regime.

Connie already admitted back in 2019 that she inherited her love for exercising from her father, who hasn’t let his fitness slipped either since his boxing days back in the 60s and 70s.

The Queen actress regularly shares short videos of her workouts on her Connie Ferguson Fitness Page Instagram account where she has inspired hundreds of women to start working out.

Instead of showing off her own hot bod and gruelling exercise regime this time around, Connie took to her personal Instagram account on Thursday to share an inspirational short video clip of her father doing an intense core exercise.

“Inspiration IS a person! Shout out to my Pops, Sensei Fish Tuelo Masilo, who will be 86 in May! I absolutely have no excuse, right?” she said in the caption accompanying the video.

Rapper Cassper Nyovest was quick to ask whether Connie’s dad was “man or machine” in the comments section to which Bo Tlhalerwa replied that “Tymer here would undoubtedly #naakyouout,” referring to the upcoming boxing match between Cassper and musician Naak Musiq at Sun City in April.

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Another commenter jokingly said that he’s had 86 years’ experience, which is why he is so good at this exercise.

“Inspired for days. But I understand why he does it better than every one of us, it is because he has had 86 years’ experience which is almost double my age so I guess we will all be that good when we get to 86,” she wrote.

One thing is for certain, between Connie and her dad, Mzansi has absolutely no excuse and whole lot of motivation to hit the gym this afternoon.