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Hobo chic or just ‘untidy’? – DJ Sbu’s ‘professional’ bergie look splits opinions

Twitter users aren't all impressed with DJ Sbu's style evolution.

Musician, entrepreneur and radio personality DJ Sbu is receiving backlash for how he dresses in his latest appearances.  

Netizens have trolled the highly respected MoFaya founder for his recent attire in professional settings. 

From his dreadlocks, shades, and his oversized ponchos, social media commentators are not impressed with his fashion looks on his podcast platform, The Hustlers Corner SA on YouTube. 

DJ Sbu was interviewing YouTube content creator Mansa Mayne on his latest episode and viewers didn’t understand his outfit choice.

A Twitter user by the handle @Shonny_SA sparked a conversation after he said the artist is “not taking care of himself”.

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“DJ Sbu is not taking care of himself, we are supposed to be celebrating his black excellence but he’s so untidy. No longer displaying professionalism. He should be setting a good example to the pioneers.”

The Twitter user defended his words after people came to DJ Sbu’s defence. He reiterated that DJ Sbu is supposed to set an example on his platform and dress in a professional and “neat” way. 

Those who saw nothing wrong with what DJ Sbu wore, said the media personality appears more at ease, and free from societal expectations and norms. Others said he needed to go back to the drawing board and dress the way he did before, in suits and ties, and “clean and shaved”. 

From previous episodes, DJ Sbu’s style has clearly evolved, as he is more casual with the style of clothes he wears, a dress sense that could be described as African bohemian and comfortable.  

This debate is usually sparked by people’s experiences in corporate workplaces, where they have been told their natural hair and dreadlocks are not “suitable” in professional settings.

Controversial poet Ntiski Mawazi also weighed in, she said: “Wait DJ Sbu is trending because YOU hate what a real black person looks like??? Your self hate is retarded guys. YOU’RE NOT WELL”.

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