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By Thami Kwazi

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Steal Julius Malema’s look: The power of the grey suit

Copy Julius Malema's style with just the right drip. Here are tips on how to get the look.

In politics, it’s not just words that speak volumes; occasionally it’s the outfit that ‘maketh the man’

Enter the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), Julius Sello Malema, in South Africa, whose fashion choices blend complication with a touch of rebellion, much like his political party, which is currently on the campaign trail for the 2024 general elections on 29 May.

In a relaxed post on his social media, he was spotted sporting a well-tailored suite paired with a quality black t-shirt. The simplicity of the outfit painlessly combines classic and contemporary styling.

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The grey suit: Timeless elegance with modern twist

Grey suits have long been synonymous with refinement and authority, and the EFF’s esteemed politician masterfully channels this tradition. 

The suit’s subdued hue, that exudes confidence without overwhelming the senses, allows Malema’s commanding presence to take centre stage. 

The tailored fit accentuates his stature, ensuring a silhouette that commands attention in any room

The understated neutral shade radiates confidence without overfilling the senses, enabling his important presence to shine through.

Grey suit: Image: iStock

Here are some tips to recreate this look:

Tip 1: Fit is crucial

When trying to recreate this look, prioritise the fit of your suit. Tailoring is essential; make sure the shoulders are snug, the waistline is trim, and the trousers are hemmed to the perfect length. 

A well-fitted suit enhances your appearance and exudes confidence.

Tip 2: Opt for versatility

Choose a versatile shade of grey that can seamlessly transition from daytime meetings to evening events.

Charcoal or slate grey hues offer timeless appeal and pair effortlessly with a variety of shirt colours, ensuring versatility in your wardrobe.

Black t-shirt: Gusto of dissidence

Contrasting the formality of the grey suit, the black t-shirt adds an unexpected edge to the ensemble. 

It is an unconventional choice that defies traditional norms, signaling a willingness to challenge conventions and embrace individuality. 

Malema is known for his verbal defiance in the political world rather than wearing a cotton shirt with a tie. The t-shirt adds a defiant touch.

The simplicity of the t-shirt also allows the suit to remain the focal point, while adding a contemporary twist.

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Tip 3: Quality over quantity

Invest in high-quality black t-shirts crafted from expensive fabrics like cotton or modal. 

Look for subtle details similar to a flattering neckline or a comfortable fit. This can vary from crew neck to V-neck.

Tip 4: A trial with texture

Explore different textures to add visual interest to your black t-shirt. 

Consider options like roasted knits, slub cotton, or subtle patterns like micro-stripes to fit personality into your look.

Tip 5: Confidence and charisma

Eventually, the key to pulling off this bold yet refined ensemble lies in confidence.

Like Malema, approach each day with an air of assurance and authenticity. 

Basically ‘walk that walk’.

As the leader of the EFF demonstrates, style knows no bounds, even within politics. 

Loafers. Image: iStock

Let your style serve as an extension of your personality, allowing you to make a statement everywhere you’re seen.

Finish the look with a good pair of Italian suede loafers. As we know in Mzansi, suede is the ultimate sign of ‘uthokini (ultra-stylish threads).