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Everything we know about Adele’s ‘One Night Only’ concert

Adele sat down with Oprah and said her body has been objectified throughout her career.

Adele’s One Night Only special with Oprah Winfrey was everything we expected. It had people in tears and there was also a romantic proposal.

The special aired this week on the CBS network and the star opened up about her weight-loss journey, divorce, being a mother and juggling her career.

CNN reported that over 10 million tuned in to Adele’s interview with Oprah and the exclusive pre-recorded concert at Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles.

Adele’s next album, 30, will be released on 19 November 19 however the award-winning singer also sang classics from her previous albums.

Find out where you can watch Adele’s special in South Africa below*

On her body transformation, Adele says her body has always been objectified for her whole career.

“I’m either too big, too small, I’m either hot or not. I never looked up to someone because of their body. You know, I have never admired anyone because they had the same hair colour as me or the same style as me.”

Adele says she was body positive when she was heavier and still is after her weight loss, adding it is not her job to validate people about how they feel about their bodies.

“And I feel bad if it has made anyone feel horrible about themselves but that’s not my job. I’m trying to sort my own life out,” she said.

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Working out and fitness has become Adele’s “me time”, something she felt like she needed to do to stay sane during her divorce. The star never envisioned that her life, after becoming a mom, would result in her being a single parent.

But says her ex, Simon Konecki, saved her life and the two are still on good terms, co-parenting their son Angelo.

“I feel like him and Angelo were angels sent to me, that’s how I feel.”

Adele helps makes dream proposal come true:

During Adele’s One Night Only at Griffith Observatory, the crowd was packed with celebrities such as Lizzo, James Corden and Seth Rogen.

Adele helped Quinton pull off a romantic surprise proposal on stage, as she beautifully sang Make You Feel My Love.

This will give you the feels.

Oprah tried singing along during Adele’s One Night Only concert.


M-Net announced that Adele: One Night Only will air exclusively to DStv Premium on M-Net Channel 101 on Monday 22 November at 19:30.

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