Heinz Winckler entangled in transgender debate at Cape Town school

Church pastor and winner of the first season of 'Idols SA' Heinz Winckler reportedly questioned the way a Cape Town school decided to treat a transgender child.

More than 2,500 people have signed a petition against singer Heinz Winckler, who is also the founder of the LoveKey Church in Somerset West, Cape Town.

The petition is a response to Winckler’s alleged involvement in discussions with a Cape Town school about the decision to treat a transgender child who identifies as a girl, as female.

According to Rapport, the child’s parents asked the school in August to treat their child as female, in terms of the school uniform, hairstyle, sports and attire. This was reportedly approved by the school’s governing body, which resulted in a couple of parents entering into conversations with the school regarding the practical execution of the decision.

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Rapport wrote that a parent, allegedly Winckler came forward, representing a group of parents who are against the school’s decision to treat the child as a female as per her parents’ request.

Upon query, Winckler did not confirm nor deny the reports but said he could see that reasonability and meaningful conversations aren’t possible in the public space. He told Rapport to write what they see fit, saying: “May God lead you in wisdom.”

The petition, which was started by Jacobus Janse van Rensburg, is in direct response to a recent photo of Winckler and his family, in which Winckler clearly advocates for the recent #YouCanSitWithUs campaign.

The campaign is all about inviting others into your circle, no matter the race, culture, religion or beliefs.