Steve Hofmeyr praises sick wife, wishes his enemies ‘good health’

Hofmeyr says he is still weak and that it seems that Covid-19 has a long, sweeping tail.

Steve Hofmeyr has taken to social media and said his enemies, “like Pierre de Vos and the English press”, have been lighting celebratory fires over his premature death.

“It is not the first time, but I hope this message finds them in good health,” he writes. “They will find that God is more patient and gives and takes in His own time. In their lives too. I am waiting anxiously.”

“The most distressing two weeks of my life,” Hofmeyr’s Facebook post reads. He tested positive for the coronavirus earlier in August.

In his post, he is in bed with oxygen, an oximeter and a bottle of water, and in another photo his daughter, Romy-lee, is sleeping next to him.

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“Your life becomes a birdcage of claustrophobia,” says the singer. Like in his previous posts, he praises his wife for looking after everyone while she is also not feeling well.

“Blood pressure, fever, cough, no taste or smell and with it no appetite – and my wife sits on the cold floor with manuals for oxygen machines that aren’t working,” he says.

“Sick herself, she has still been tending to everything, making food, looking after Romy-lee and in the outdoor rooms she has been tending to our domestic worker, who also has Covid.”

“I tried to read every message,” he said. “I had time. Thousands of good, meaningful notes. Ag, just to know that I was never alone. Thank you very much. It is clear that 80% of the people who get Covid-19 barely cough and actually just continue with their daily activities. The rest of us shift to the bottom of hell.”

Hofmeyr says he is still weak and that it seems that Covid-19 has a long, sweeping tail.

“I am going to make myself rest before I climb back in,” he writes. “Currently, the 8 meters to the bathroom tires me out so much that I need oxygen when I return.”