Khanyi Mbau and Kudzai are bae goals with matching tattoos

Khanyi has his name on her thigh while Kudzai has her name on his chest and fans criticised their decision to do something so permanent.

After making multiple headlines last year for the hot topic that is their controversial relationship, actress Khanyi Mbau and businessman Kudzai Mushonga have decided to take their relationship to the next level with matching tattoos.

Sometime in March 2021, the Red Room star took to social media to post a saucy poolside bathing suit picture of herself, which revealed that she had gotten Kudzai’s name tattooed on her hip for the world to see.

Khanyi’s fans and followers were worried that the couple may be moving way too fast, seeing as though they had only been dating for a few months, and that the actress may have been the only one in the relationship serious enough to get her partners name tattooed on her body.

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Fans had been speculating for some time whether or not the two were still an item following Kudzai’s decision to make an exit from social media and deactivate his Instagram account, but the actress reassured her fans that her and her man are still together by taking to social media to share a picture of themselves chilling poolside.

Mbau also recently shared a shirtless picture of her bae on her Intsagram stories, and in the picture fans and followers got the chance to see Khanyi’s name tattooed on Kudzai’s chest, confirming that the two got matching name tattoos as a sign of commitment to their relationship.

The two celebrated their one year anniversary on 31 December, and even though they could not be together to celebrate the special milestone in their relationship, Khanyi made sure that it was still a grand occasion for the both of them.

The media personality took to social media to share her anniversary with her fans and followers, and also thank her partner for the year that they spent loving each other.

“Today is the day I started my relationship and a year later with all its lessons, experiences, laughter, tears and joy it has been a blessing.

“Sadly the travel bans have stolen this moment, we would have lit up the sky and painted the day silver and gold and made the atmosphere sparkle.

“But this won’t get my spirit down, there is so much to celebrate and to live for. Thank you darling for 365 days of learning and bliss,” said the actress in the caption of her post.

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